Project team

Veijo Pönni

Mr Veijo Ponni (M.Soc.Sc. (Econ.) is a project researcher and manager working in Areal Research and Development, Brahea Centre, University of Turku. He has almost two decades of research and project expertise in business economics applied into the field of several industries and branches. His current expertise focuses especially in the economics of tourism. His research work has been commissioned by industry organizations, government ministries and the European Union. Parallel to his research work mr Veijo Ponni has also participated into several projects concerning various Business Development processes and he has been involved in producing a Business Development Laboratory at the University of Turku. Most recent research interests of mr Veijo Ponni are focused in the business of leisure boating and tourism in the area of Finnish Archipelago. Currently he is participating in two EU-funded projects and one nationally funded project which all are developing small boat ports in the Finnish archipelago area.

Hanna Haaksi

Hanna Haaksi is the project manager for Keep the Archipelago Tidy, leading the organization’s project work. KAT projects focus on three issues: marine litter, nutrients in the Baltic Sea and chemicals in the Baltic Sea. Hanna has worked with leisure boating related issues from 2012 onwards and she has led multiple projects on the issue. Hanna has always felt a strong connection to the Baltic Sea, living by it and sailing there all her life. Hanna is passionate about her work and is determined to save the Baltic Sea.

+358 (0)50 302 2661

Atte Lindqvist

Atte Lindqvist works as a project coordinator at KAT. He has a M.Sc. in Environmental and Marine Biology from Åbo Akademi University, and has also studied ecophysiology and stream ecology at the University of Gothenburg. Before starting at KAT, Atte worked as a planner at the environmental protection office in the City of Turku. His interests include biodiversity, environmental awareness and avian ecology. Today he focuses on issues in the Baltic Sea and Archipelago.

+358 (0)40 458 9495

Helfrid Schulte-Herbrüggen

Helfrid Schulte-Herbrüggen is a Senior Analyst at Ecoloop AB. With a degree in Environmental Chemistry and a PhD in Engineering she has several years of research experience within the field of environmental pollution and water purification technology. She has also worked as a coordinator of cross-sectoral development projects linking academia, practitioners and government authorities within subjects of water, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and resilience. Helfrid is the co-ordinator and work-package leader for the BATSECO-BOAT project work package 2 Implementation.

Mats Johansson

Mats is a Systems Ecologist with over 20 years of experience from working with management of decentralised waste-water treatment systems. He is a Senior Consultant at Ecoloop AB where he initiates and leads development projects concerning water, sewage and natural resources management. Mats’ projects often involve a range of different actors, such as government authorities, municipalities, NGO’s and businesses. Mats Johansson is involved through-out work package 2 in BATSECO-BOAT and he will give strategic support focusing on the institutional aspects of waste management from small boats.

Maria Johansson

Maria Johansson is an Energy Systems Engineer with a PhD in Biology. She is a consultant at Ecoloop AB where her work aims to connect researchers and practitioners to facilitate implementation of research-grounded results. She uses GIS to improve and develop logistics of construction materials and material recycling on regional scale, with assignment experiences from regional and municipal planning and transport planning within the private construction sector. In BATSECO-BOAT Maria Johansson is a part of the work package 2 Implementation, with a focus on analysis of AIS data the movements of small tourist boats.

Maria Mustonen

Maria Mustonen has a higher degree in Social Sciences and Sociology as well as a MSc in Applied Logistics. As Senior Consultant at Ecoloop AB, her area of expertise is research and development within transport and logistics, with a focus on improving environmental sustainability. Her projects include port development, inland shipping and noise reduction. Marias interests also extend towards the sea in her spare time, namely through sailing in the Stockholm archipelago and the Baltic Sea. In BATSECO-BOAT Maria is interviewing boat owners and developing recommendations and guidelines for sewage reception planning within work package 2 Implementation.

Hanna Netteberg

Hanna is working at the department of Waste & recycling at Norrtälje municipality and has done so for the past 4 years. She has an interest for environment and sustainability overall. The interest was first channelized by working in a green house going on to studying environmental sustainability and ending up here at Norrtälje municipality. Besides working with BATSECO she also works with food waste and reuse.

Donatella Acquaviva

Ms Sc Polytechnic of Turin in civil engineering. Experience from construction and consultant companies. In UCV she is working on projects related with the Baltic sea environment.

Amelia Morey Strömberg

Ms Sc KTH in mechanical engineering, 29 years of experience as process engineer. She is consultant for drinking water issues for Norrtälje municipality

Jonathan Alm

Ms Sc KTH in mechanical engineering, experience as project leader in Skärgårdsstiftelsen (the archipelago foundation). He is a consultant for wastewater issues for Norrtälje municipality.


Project organizations

Brahea Centre

Brahea Centre is an independent unit at the University of Turku providing international research and training services. Brahea Centre consists of two sub-units, Areal Research and Development and Centre for Maritime Studies.

The key operational areas of Brahea Centre include food industry, innovation and business and maritime cluster. In addition to education in these subjects, the unit will profile as a developer of interactive learning environments.

Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association

Established in 1969, the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association (Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry) is a Finnish environmental organisation for boaters and all those travelling in and around Finnish waterways. The Association serves the archipelago and coastal regions, as well as the network of lakes in the Finnish Lakeland region.

The task and aim of the Association is to keep Finland’s coastlines and archipelago clean, and to support opportunities for recreational boating and the enjoyment of all the waterways in and around Finland. The activities of the Association are diverse and concrete, from environmental maintenance tasks and educational work to national and international project work.

The operations of the Association are divided into three distinct areas of activity:

  • Environmental management
  • Environmental communication
  • Project work

Utvecklingscentrum för vatten (UCV)

Utvecklingscentrum för vatten (UCV) (Centre for water innovation), located in Norrtälje in the Stockholm area, is a municipality hold company, part of Campus Roslagen.

The centre aims to collect, develop and convey knowledge regarding the importance of good water management to all aspects of society. UCV helps develop skills, innovation and entrepreneurship through projects, courses, seminars and themed information days as well as a water and wastewater product exhibition aimed at the public but also local government staff and entrepreneurs.

Ecoloop AB

Ecoloop AB is an SME focusing on sustainable regional development, water and wastewater services, and resource-effective construction and materials. Ecoloop AB offers strategic consultancy and development at the interface between research and practice. Ecoloop’s strength lies in its ability to connect different types of actors, such as academia, municipalities, government authorities and businesses. This brings new knowledge into the forefront of implementation of sustainable solutions. Typical output includes guidelines, tools and case studies as well as expert advice for investment and up-scaling.

Norrtälje Municipality

Norrtälje Municipality (Norrtälje kommun) is a municipality in Stockholm County in east central Sweden.

Viimsi Vallavalitsus (Viimsi Parish)

Viimsi Parish (Estonian: Viimsi vald) is a rural municipality in northern Estonia, located north-east and neighbouring the capital Tallinn

Hoia Eesti Merd (Keep the Estonian Sea Tidy)

Hoia Eesti Merd (Keep the Estonian Sea Tidy) is an Estonian association based in Tallinn, that concentrates on marine environmental issues such as marine litter. The association has been a partner in several projects to tackle environmental issues in the Baltic Sea region.